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09.05.2019BBC Cellpack Packaging

Interview with Georgio Behr

With CELLPouch, the BBC swiss Group commits to the environment.more

02.04.2019BBC Bircher Smart Access
BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

EASYCELL® - The new generation of gel straight-through joints and branch joints

Perfection, inside and out. The impact-resistant polypropylene plastic shells are executed in flame-retardant material, making it possible for the EASYCELL® gel joints to also be used in demanding environments. The change in...more

28.03.2019BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Girls´Day at BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

*Bye cliché - at this years Girls´Day and Boys´Day 2019*more

01.03.2019BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Dates and Informations Exhibitions 2019

All dates and informations on upcoming trade fairs in 2019 can be found at "Services - Exhibitons".more

15.01.2019BBC Bircher Smart Access

Optex and BBC Bircher mutually present new innovations at BAU 2019

At BAU 2019, BBC Bircher Smart Access and Optex Co. Ltd. mutually present some of their latest innovations, with the brand-new industrial door combination sensor «OAM-Explorer» from Optex and the BBC Bircher design prize awarded,...more

11.12.2018BBC Bircher Smart Access

Find out what makes access systems smart

BBC Bircher Smart Access will be exhibiting numerous innovations at BAU 2019more

29.11.2018BBC Cellpack Packaging

Meet our new CEO

We welcome our new CEO to BBC Cellpack Packaging.

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