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22.01.2018BBC Cellpack Packaging

Cellpack Packaging becomes BBC Cellpack Packaging!

New Brand: BBC Cellpack PackagingNew, group-wide corporate design unveiledExisting names of legal entities remain unchanged Since 27 November 2017 the Cellpack Packaging business unit of the BBC Group unveil its new name,...more

03.01.2018BBC Bircher Automation

Bircher ProcessControl is becoming BBC Bircher Automation

Turnkey automation solutions by BBC Bircher Automationmore

05.12.2017BBC Bircher Smart Access

CleanSwitch opens doors with a simple wave

Bircher presents a contact-free switch for hygienic areasmore

27.11.2017BBC Bircher Smart Access

Bircher Reglomat becomes BBC Bircher Smart Access

Bircher makes access systems smartmore

04.10.2017BBC Bircher Smart Access

Elegant, wireless, safe – Bircher presents new radio transmitter for monitoring wicket doors

BBC Bircher Smart Access is launching the second generation of its wireless wicket door switch to the market. The new RFGate 2.1.W2.S radio transmitter is replacing its predecessor and is available from Bircher with...more

18.09.2017BBC Bircher Smart Access

The new EsMatix 3 switching device –
faster, more compact, more user-friendly

BBC Bircher Smart Access is unveiling its new EsMatix 3 switching device for use in machines and plants. EsMatix 3 has been specifically designed to ensure safety in plants, robots and at automated workstations. It...more

27.07.2017BBC Bircher Smart Access

Expansion of the S-Line safety edge series

Two new miniature safety edge profiles for barrier protection BBC Bircher Smart Access presents the latest additions to the S-Line safety edge series in the form of the new profiles EPE016/026A0T and EPE016/026J2T (with sealing...more

07.04.2017BBC Cellpack Packaging, BBC GROUP

TV coverage France 3 Alsace

Discover the activities of the French site of BBC BBC Cellpack Packaging through the TV coverage of France 3 Alsace (23.03.2017) ! See the video on Youtube more

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